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The New York Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects (nycobaNOMA) would like to invite you to become a member of our local chapter.  Membership provides the opportunity for design professionals to be part of a network promoting cultural awareness and inclusion while pursuing excellence in the fields of architecture + design. 


Current members work together to create programming that will inspire audiences from across varied disciplines and points of view. Our membership is comprised of  architects, artists and designers,  students and educators, practitioners in related fields, and those  who seek to enrich their understanding of the built environment.


Membership is open to all who are interested in continuing a dialogue that  enriches the diversity of those participating in our local and national design communities.


membership benefits include

National voice for the need for a diverse architectural design community

Nationwide networking and job opportunities

Access to Working Advantage member rewards program

National NOMA Job Center

Nationwide internship and graduate education opportunities

National web site with various resources for all areas and levels of the profession

Free subscription to the National NOMA Architectural magazine

Free admission to local networking/happy hour + special events

Free subscription to Black Enterprise magazine

Discounted Architectural Registration Exam (ARE) study materials

Reduced admission to educational +technical seminars

If you are interested in  joining nycobaNOMA or renewing  your membership status,  please click on the link below to do so online…

join nycobaNOMA NOW! 

Members who renewed their membership status to NOMA National via mail, should ensure full membership status to the local New York Chapter for the current calendar year by sending a check or money order to::

The New York Coalition of Black Architects [NYCOBA]

P.O. Box 2455 • Church Street Station• New York, New York 10008

Have a membership question? Contact us via:

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