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The mission of the nycoba|NOMA ARE Committee is to foster a nurturing environment that supports Nycoba NOMA Members in their journey toward professional licensure. The committee is dedicated to curating a comprehensive selection of ARE study resources, promoting access to valuable AXP experiences, and offering expert guidance to streamline the path to licensure. We aim to create a safe and supportive space where nycoba|NOMA members can confidently pursue their licensure goals.

committee co-chairs

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Keristen edwards




Curate a comprehensive list of ARE study materials

Ensure that Nycoba NOMA Members can access a diverse range of reliable and up-to-date study resources to prepare for the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) effectively.

Foster a safe and supportive environment

Cultivate an inclusive and supportive space where Nycoba NOMA Members can openly discuss challenges, seek advice, and share their experiences related to professional licensure without fear of judgment.

Share education on licensure requirements

Collaborate with industry professionals and organizations

Actively seek and publicize opportunities for Nycoba NOMA Members to understand the Education experience, Architects Registration Examination, and Architectural Experience Program (AXP) requirements.

Create partnerships with architectural firms, mentors, and professional organizations to enhance the resources and opportunities available to Nycoba NOMA Members pursuing licensure.

Provide guidance and support

Offer personalized guidance to Nycoba NOMA Members, helping them navigate the licensure process and develop efficient strategies for completing the requirements of AXP and the ARE.

Measure and track member progress

Implement mechanisms to monitor the progress of Nycoba NOMA Members in their licensure journey, offering support and interventions as needed to ensure their success.

Promote diversity and inclusion in the architectural profession

Actively advocate for increased representation and inclusivity within the architecture field, highlighting the importance of diverse perspectives and experiences in the licensure process.


So that we know how to best support you in your licensure journey, Please out the survey before March 30 ,2024

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