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nomas student outreach

The mission of the nycoba|NOMA NOMAS Student Outreach Committee is to connect with local and state NOMAS Chapters to provide support, fellowship, and opportunities.

committee chair

Sidpasamde (SID) Tiendrebeogo


I. Collaboration

  • Foster an environment that encourages collaboration among students within the studio. Promote teamwork, peer learning, and the exchange of ideas and skills.

  • Organize group projects or mini-design competitions that require students to work together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and collaboration across schools.

  • Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration by connecting architecture students with students from other fields such as engineering, urban planning, or design.

  • Extend collaboration beyond the studio by organizing joint events or projects with other educational institutions, professional organizations, or local communities. This provides students with opportunities to engage with a wider network and learn from diverse perspectives.

II. Mentorship

  • Establish a formal mentorship program that pairs experienced professionals or senior students with junior or less-experienced students.

  • Guide mentors on how to support and guide their mentees, focusing on both personal and professional development.

  • Offer training or workshops for mentors and mentees to enhance their mentorship skills and ensure a fruitful and meaningful relationship.

  • Facilitate regular check-ins between mentors and mentees, creating a platform for mentorship discussions, goal-setting, and feedback.

  • Provide resources and support to mentors and mentees, such as access to industry networks, career advice, or portfolio reviews.

III. Recognition

  • Implement a system for recognizing and celebrating NOMAS members' and chapters' achievements within Nycoba and the architecture community.

  • Highlight students' outstanding projects, research, or design work through exhibitions, publications, or online platforms.

  • Organize award ceremonies or events to recognize students' contributions and successes publicly.

  • Feature student accomplishments in newsletters, social media posts, or website updates to showcase their work and inspire others.

  • Encourage peer recognition and feedback by creating and incorporating opportunities for students to acknowledge and appreciate each other's contributions.


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