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NYC Health + Hospitals, Division of OFD - Construction Project Manager

Job Description

SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Project Manager reporting to the Senior Director within the Office of Facilities Development for NYC Health + Hospitals, the Project Manager is responsible for the day to day project management for programs in the Gotham Health portfolio. He/ she will interface with the facilities team, program manager(s), construction manager and design consulting staff to effectively govern the design and construction schedule and maintain cost control of said projects.

General tasks and responsibilities will include:

  • Manages some aspects of projects including; regulatory submissions, budgets, schedules, the design process, construction process, quality control, and adherence to project specifications and drawings under the direction of Senior Director.

  • Maintains budget reports as required.

  • Manages the purchasing process including; construction services, materials purchasing and reviewing and approving invoices.

  • Maintains project records including; design drawings, submittals, as-builts, correspondence, regulatory submissions, financial statements, and all other project information.

  • Assists the Senior Director by directly overseeing design meetings with facility employees and design consultants.

  • Maintains the project equipment lists and requirements by coordinating design meetings between facility employees, design consultants and Supply Chain personnel.

  • Manages project budgets to be presented to Facility administration and regulatory agencies, to be used for overall project design parameters.

  • Assists the Senior Director in managing regulatory review packages. Packages will include submissions to New York State Health Department, New York City Building Department and other stakeholders.

  • Provides direct support to design consultants and vendors. This involves the review of design documents for compliance with end user programs, facility standards and needs, regulatory agency requirements and codes under the guidance of the Senior Director.

  • Provides direct supervision of contractors or CM staff working on facility grounds, including: scheduling, adherence to job specifications, quality of workplace, safety, and regulatory compliance.

  • Work with the facility staff on facility construction projects. May involve schedule reviews, adherence to job specifications, quality of workplace, safety, and regulatory compliance.

  • Monitors the oversight of project completion and occupancy with emphasis on construction closeout, commissioning of mechanical equipment and systems, scheduling of equipment deliveries and startups.

  • Coordination with all regulatory agencies, development and implementation of staff orientation and education and financial closeout.

  • Submits all other work reports as required/requested by the Senior Director.

  • Attends and participates in continuing educational programs and seminars activities to increase/ maintain current level of knowledge of health care facility design and operation.

  • Participates and assures department’s involvement in ongoing Performance Improvement initiative as required. Submits reports as required.

  • Utilizes multiple methodologies to communicate information.

  • Ensures adherence to safety standards for employees and patients.

  • Participates in committees, task forces, projects, etc. as required.

  • May provide direct supervision of additional department staff for tasks such as: scheduling, specifications review, quality of workplace issues, safety and regulatory compliance.

  • Writing Project Worksheets (PWs) for purpose of determining project eligibility, scopes of work, and estimating review for repairs and/or replacements of a facility or structure.

  • May provide technical, cost estimating, and disaster recovery and/or management review and services while supporting technical professionals.

Minimum Qualifications

Assignment Level I

1. Six years of full-time, satisfactory experience performing construction inspection or construction management work on projects comparable in scope and dollar value to those undertaken by the City of New York in its capital construction program; or,

2. At least two years of experience as described in (1) and a combination of the following, sufficient to equal a total of six years of education and experience:

1. Full-time satisfactory experience in building construction as a journeyperson in one or more of the skilled building construction trades. One year of acceptable experience will be credited for each year of journeyperson experience; or,

2. Education in an accredited college leading to a Bachelor's Degree in architecture or construction related engineering will be credited on the basis of thirty credits for one year of acceptable experience.

3. A New York State license as a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect or a license as a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect from a state that has reciprocity with New York State may be substituted for four years of the experience as described in (1).

4. In addition, candidates supervising lead abatement staff must meet certain medical requirements. Candidates must not have any condition which would prevent a good face seal when wearing a respirator. Periodic medical examinations will be administered while persons are assigned to lead abatement supervision.

5. May require possession of an unrestricted Motor Vehicle Driver's License valid in the State of New York at the time of appointment. Employees may be required to maintain their unrestricted license during their employment

To be assigned to the following levels, the following special requirements must be met:

Assignment Level II: Special Requirements

1. In addition to meeting the qualification requirements for Assignment Level I, candidate must have at least one additional year of experience as described in 1 of this position description.

Assignment Level III: Special Requirements

1. In addition to meeting the qualification requirements for Assignment Level I, candidates must have at least two additional years of satisfactory experience as a construction manager on projects