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[DA] design competition - 2030 Interstellar Village!

[Diversify Architecture] is excited to announce the launch of our inaugural [DA] design competition - 2030 Interstellar Village!

In this competition (open to all Middle and High Schoolers), students will select a site between Tycho Crater, Moon and Jezero Crater, Mars and design a small community for 6 interstellar travelers. Planning for their villagers’ needs, they will create spaces for daily life, exercise, farming, and healthcare, all while considering what opportunities and challenges their selected planet will provide.

We will be advertising this competition to [DA] clubs and Project Pipeline participants - we would be grateful if you could send this to your Project Pipeline students from last year!

We will be hosting an info-session on February 22 at 4pm at the following link - We will review the project brief and have a short Q+A for any students, teachers, and hosts that can attend.

Attached is the competition brief, which is also available on the competition website - You and your students can also sign up for email updates on the website. Please review both resources, and feel free to get in touch with any questions by emailing us directly. We’re looking forward to seeing your students’ work!

2030 interstellar design competition-compressed
Download PDF • 3.56MB

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