Black Lives Matter Means Black Contracts Matter

Join us virtually on Thursday, February 18th, 2021 for nycoba|NOMA'S fourth Owners Round Table Event.

A few of nycoba|NOMA's distinguished business owners will engage in a round table discussion on how to identify, focus and maximize opportunities - be entrepreneurial in spirit and not shy away from disrupting the norm in creating or evolving into the ideal practice. 

Moderator Nicole Hollant‐Denis

Date and Time: 2/18/21 12:00PM (1 hr)

Panelists discuss the details surrounding their take on what needs to happen now in the
aftermath of the socio‐political shifts inspired by the murder of George Floyd and others in the middle of
this international health crisis, where here in the US, people of African descent have been suffering the
brunt of exposure due to economic and health pre‐dispositions; Socio‐economic pre‐dispositions cause
by stark economic disparity, the lasting effects of past African enslavement and residual present‐day
systemic racism.  In particular, we propose to capture the experience of accomplished African American
professionals who care to share experiences where they consciously fought to correct unfair contractual

About the panelists & moderator:

Michael Reed, CCM – Chief Executive Office, Elite Construction ‐ an accomplished Construction
Manager that can speak to a contract from which he was originally removed out of greed and fought to
be added back. This reversal came with an apology.

Cheryl McKissack – CEO and President, McKissack & McKissack ‐ Owner of the leading African American
owned construction management firm in the US with over 100 years of existence. Cheryl has a few great
stories of challenges which ended in complete success.

Steve Lewis – Principal, ZGF  ‐ A recent high‐level employment acquisition first came with resistance
followed by an apology.  Steve has numerous examples of situations where he pushed for justice and
got results.

Liz Ogbu – President and Owner of Studio O – Committed to social impact in her work she can speak on
countless confrontations with policy makers to challenge elements of systemic racism while navigating
community engagement in design.

Moderator: Nicole Hollant‐Denis, AIA, NOMA, CEO and President of Aaris Design Studios – leading
African American woman architect  in the New York area who has lived through the policy making of
community based projects including the La Marqueta Plaza, the Columbia Business School and the


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